KotlinFrom 2018

Object Oriented and Functional Programming, Lambdas, Type System, Null Safety, High Order, Extension, Inline functions, Less boilerplate code (Java), Android Apps, Translate from Java to Kotlin, New Apps in clean Kotlin only, Gradle, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio, Swift like Kotlin.

Libraries: Awesome Kotlin - RxKotlin

SwiftFrom 2015

Object Oriented and Functional Programming, Immutability, Property Observers, Type safety and inference, First Class Functions, Less boilerplate code (Objetive-C), iOS Apps, Translate from Object-C to Swift, New Apps in clean Swift only, CocoaPods, Swift Package Manager, XCode, SpriteKit, Core Data.

Libraries: Awesome Swift - Alamofire - Charts - Firebase - IQKeyboardManager - SwiftValidator - SDWebImage - SwiftyJSON - SVProgressHUD - MJRefresh - CocoaLumberjack - Realm - RxSwift - DesignPatterns - CleanArchitecture

RubyFrom 2013

Object Oriented and Functional Programming, Generators, TDD, BDD, Block and Lambdas, BCrypt, ActiveRecord, PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Sass, Uglifier, JQuery, TurboLinks, Underscore, JBuilder, Scaffold, Gemfile, Rake, Puma, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Mine.

Libraries: Awesome Ruby - Active Admin - Bootstrap - FontAwesome - Devise - Pundit - Kaminari - HTTParty - Chart.js - Roo - GraphQL - RSpec - Factory Bot - Faker - Capybara - New Relic - rQRCode - Prawn - Wicked PDF - Rest Client - Delayed Job

AndroidFrom 2011

Android Studio, JDK y Android SDK, JetPack, Gradle, Proguard, KTX, VirtualBox, Genymotion, Git, Source Tree, Analytics, Push Notifications, AsyncTasks, Data Management, GUI and Layouts, Sensors and Geo-Location Backend Services, Multimedia, TTS, STT, Material Design, A/B Testing.

Libraries: Awesome Android - Retrofit - ActiveAndroid - GreenDAO - Picasso - Butter Knife - EventBus - MPAndroidChart - RxAndroid - Saripaar - Moshi - Glide - Room - Dagger

JavascriptFrom 2008

Clousures, Promises, Non-nullable types, Bootstrap, Material Design, Prettier, GraphQL, Chart.js, jsPDF, RxJs, Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Firebase, NPM, Bower, Angular, React, Ionic, Titanium, TypeScript, Nativescript, Moment, d3, Visual Studio Code.

Libraries: Awesome Javascript

JavaFrom 2004

Object Oriented Programming, JVM, Code Clean, Design Patterns, Refactoring, IntelliJ IDEA, Gradle, Maven, Ant, Compile Once - Run anywhere, Reflection, JavaEE, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, JPA, Polymorphism, Generics, Garbage Collector, Lucene, Solr, JDBC.

Libraries: Awesome Java