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Each time that I have to do a final release on any software product, I like to be very careful to review border cases that usually fails during testing steps.

By default on Production environment or Master branch I keep a policy that is better for catch errors not showing directly to the end user and it keep working in the adversity. For that reason I usually put some defensive code that means to create default general error pages, notifications in background about errors that are being tracked in the log files, and later making sure that the team next day or hours could work in the necesary hotfixes.

Release on Fridays, is some of the bad ideas in a project. You won’t have reaction capacity.

Release must be manageable I mean, the sprints must be small to get a clarity on the changes the team are doing, and it’s better do few things well done, that a lot of features not at least smock tested. The version numbering must be reflect the quantity of changes that you or your team are doing.

Thank you for reading me.
Álvaro Orellana