Skills Tester

Skills TesterReleased on Jan, 2017

An application to practice your skills based on taking tests
It allows you to create or select Tests then taken from many different topics
Load in your mobile and keep practicing your skills.
Android App, Web App, Json, API, Gamification.
GDG Camp Bolivia

GDG Camp BoliviaReleased on Oct, 2016

An Event app, It shares the relevant information for the GDG Camp Bolivia.
Android App, Back4app, Push Notifications, Material Design, SQLite.

Startup Weekend CochabambaReleased on Nov, 2015

An app to help a manage the event.
All the information needed to assist and being notified during the event.
Android App, Back4app, Push Notifications, Material Design, SQLite.

LlaveroReleased on May, 2015

Real State web and mobile app helping to find your new home.
In a map you can see dinamically properties like to Buy or Rent.
Android App, iOS App, Web App, NodeJS, MongoDB, API, Google Maps, Push Notifications, Material Design.

YoBolivia Released on Feb, 2015

An app to enhance photos with Bolivian Themes, you can add frames, costumes and share it with friends.
Android App, Backend as Service, Advanced Image Handling, Customized Touch Events.
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TarifaTe Released on Dec, 2014

An application to calculate the official price in main cities of Bolivia (It follows local normative). It is based on distance/time like a parking meter or geolocated areas (geofences). You are able to estimated before or aboard the taxi price.
Android App, iOS App, SQLite, Geolocation, Google Maps, Customized UI.
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Memory Trainer

Memory Trainer Released on Aug, 2014

Small Memory Game App to practice your visual memory. You have to memorize some graphics, then remember in next screen. It will be increasing the complexity by levels, with more graphics to memorize.
Android App, SQLite, Customized UI.
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